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Procedural Treatments

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Stitches and Wound Care

Pricing Information:
  • Amount – $500
  • Unit Price – $100

Millions of people visit urgent care centers every year for treatment and repair of cuts and lacerations. Doctors have several ways of repairing a wound, depending on the type and extent of a laceration, its location on the body, and the ability of the patient to protect the cut during the healing process. Often, stitches are the answer – working to close wounds, manage bleeding, minimize the risk of infection, and achieve aesthetically appealing recovery with minimal scarring.

Keep in mind that some wounds require medical attention even if they do not need stitches. Examples include puncture wounds, lacerations caused by a rusty object, and wounds caused by an animal.

Wounds require special care and attention to ensure a complication-free healing process. If you are wounded – perhaps due to an accident or medical procedure – you need the care of medical professionals trained and experienced in wound treatment and management. A wound care provider will clean your wound and change its dressings, and oversee the healing process from start to finish. This includes monitoring your wound for symptoms or changes that could indicate infection or other healing impediments.

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